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After reading your statement, rereading it several times one important argument stood out ...

    "Even Brexit and the Ukraine war couldn't save us indefinitely."

The main events of tearing the community, society of the European Union apart, definitely.

This has been a slow but steady proces since 1999. The global events of 9/11, the financial crisis, new world order of neocons to remake the Middle East to suit Israel. The Iraq War caused a split between Old and New Europe, was eased by giving NATO a greater role for the national interest and "security" of the EU?

Steadily Brussels gave benefits to former Soviet bloc states for joining the economic bloc. The defense pact of NATO expanded in step, often a bit ahead of wisdom.

In short this decline in ET readership as in tread with the clear decline of the European Union ... the war in Ukraine sealed its fate. The EU has close cultural ties with the New World. The huge influx of refugees from war torn states in the Middle East (and poverty stricken Africa) has exacerbate the political split in the EU between East and West. The EU failed to work for its own national interest and offered much for multinational corporations in trade talks and treaties. Impunity for failings ...

With the digital revolution came an expansion of means of communication, except the willingness to listen petered out as the search engine provided all answers to our questions of doubt. Why debate issues anymore.

Fortunately in time of real crisis as the pandemic, in the local community there was a helping hand, especially from the younger generation. A form of solidarity we are all in it. However the gap in generations also plays a role for blogging.

ET offered a trusted community where one could debate issues, not so on social media in forums. At least in the Dutch scene writing short comments one gets butchered just because "they can". Lack of responsibility and caring for one another. A bit of hooliganism and meanness inside all of us. ☮️ 🙏🏽

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Sat May 6th, 2023 at 06:17:40 AM EST

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