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Blinken says Israel settlements are obstacle to peace, advocates Saudi normalisation

President Joe Biden's administration has criticised Israel's right-wing government for moves it sees as consolidating settlements and for "provocative" visits by some members of the government to sites in Jerusalem sacred to both Muslims and Jews.
"Settlement expansion clearly presents an obstacle to the horizon of hope that we seek," Blinken said to a muted response from the audience.

"Likewise, any move toward annexation of the West Bank, de facto or de jure, disruption of the historic status quo at holy sites, the continuing demolitions of homes and the evictions of families that have lived in those homes for generations damage prospects for two states. They also undermine the basic daily dignity to which all people are entitled," Blinken added.

The top US diplomat however drew widespread applause when he outlined the long-standing American commitment to Israel and said all options were on the table when it came to preventing Israel's Number One enemy, Iran, from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

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