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Tunesia was a base from which thousands of jihadist came to fight theAssad regime along with Western NATO allies to overthrow Assad, a dictator of the Ba'ath regime in Syria.

Also the origin of the Arab Spring uprising, but by now a failed state of oppression and abuse human rights. Sometime our leaders of the Garden need to deal with the Jungle for self-containment. Protecting our borders and sovereignty ... creeping fascism from close allies the U.S. and Israel. After decades of interventions and wars, populism reigns in both HQs in Brussels.

Refugee organizations critical of EU migration deal Tunisia

The Netherlands Council for Refugees, Amnesty International and the Refugee Foundation have nothing good to say about the migration deal that the European Union has concluded with Tunisia. They fear that the human rights of refugees and other migrants are being violated by the North African country.

Amnesty International calls the fact that the Netherlands agreed to the deal and played a leading role in it scandalous. "Our government must take human rights seriously. No deal should be made with a country of which it is clear in advance that it is cooperating in human rights violations as a financier."

According to Amnesty, the deal will cause "enormous suffering" at Europe's external borders.

Yücel Yeşilgöz is the husband of Fatma Özgümüş, director of Vluchtelingen Organisaties Nederland (VON). [Refugees Organizations Netherlands] Their eldest daughter is the VVD politician Dilan Yeşilgöz-Zegerius.

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