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The majority of Germans consider Olaf Scholz (SPD) to be weak in leadership. That is the result of a political barometer especially for the ZDF summer interview with the Federal Chancellor this Sunday. According to this, only 21 percent of those surveyed say that Scholz is more likely to assert himself on important political issues. 73 percent say the chancellor is unlikely to assert himself.

The interviewees are also critical of the chancellor's communication. 72 percent of those surveyed said that the accusation that Olaf Scholz gave no specific answers to questions in political interviews more often than other politicians was correct. Only 19 percent say the allegation is not true.

Should Ukraine accept territorial losses?

Opinion is divided on the subject of the war against Ukraine . When asked whether Germany should insist that Ukraine should also accept territorial losses to Russia during peace talks, 40 percent of respondents answered yes. 42 percent reject Ukraine's loss of territory to Russia.

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