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Russia hit Chernihiv during drone manufacturers and aerial reconnaissance gathering | Pravda UA - Aug. 19, 2023, 14:14 |

Mariia Berlinska wrote that everyone who had taken shelter was safe, including her. However, some people went outside.

The co-organiser of the event later added: "No, this is not a commercial event, it's a closed meeting of engineers, military and volunteers on military technology for the battlefield."

Quote from Berlinska: "The event was officially agreed upon in advance with the local authorities, and they provided the venue.

The announcement of the event was available to the public. But the specific place was announced only (!) to registered and verified participants a few hours before the event. All information about the participants has been provided to the relevant authorities.

We are currently cooperating with Ukraine's Security Service and providing all the necessary information needed for an operational investigation."

Mariia Berlinska wrote on Facebook:
According to the situation in Chernihiv. And to avoid manipulations, which some bloggers are already hyping.

  1. There was a strike, but where and when the official bodies should declare.
  2. As soon as the air raid warning was announced, the event was stopped and the participants were told several times about the need to take shelter. ...

Reporter: Maria Berlinska is a combatant, public activist, founder of the Air Intelligence Support Center

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