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I still have unease as there is a chance Mark Rutte will step aside after the General Electo of November and cklaim the job as political leader of NATO ... has a long preparatory learning process accelerated by the accidental downing of Malaysian flight above Donetsk war zone in July 2014. Ever since Mark Rutte used his Dutch job as Prime minister to boost ties with the British conservatives, Nordic states after he got booted from the Franco-German alliance, pro-Israel positions and close relationship with Obama-VP Biden, Trump, Joe Biden and Boris Johnson. Has been at the forefront on economic sanctions for Russia and Kremlin officials. Works closely with NSA-GCHQ and Israeli Mossad. Early buyer of Pegasus from  Israel's NSO Group. Corporate agent within the government, neglecting human rights and fails the Dutch Constitution. Repeat offender.

Stoltenburg wants out, and quietly hopes Joe Biden pushes through the Rutte candidacy asap ... November NATO Summit? Dutch parliament is clearing house as many. many members quit this line of business.

Anyone's guess which political party will get the most seats to take the lead in forming a new coalition government ... may take up to one year.  Damn fools, irresponsible and leaving people behind.


Zelensky hails 'historic' F-16 agreement during Netherlands visit | Le Monde |

The Ukrainian president said it is 'another step towards strengthening Ukraine's air shield' at a Dutch airbase on Sunday.

Zelensky landed at a Dutch airforce base in Eindhoven at around midday (1000 GMT), a Dutch government spokesperson told Agence France-Presse (AFP), and inspected the aircraft shortly after.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte rubber-stamped the deliveries, saying: "The Netherlands and Denmark commit to transfer F-16s to Ukraine once the conditions for such a transfer have been met."

The decision is "absolutely historic, powerful and inspiring for us," Zelensky said at a press conference with Rutte. "This is another step towards strengthening Ukraine's air shield." Details of the aircraft delivery to Ukraine have not been unveiled.

The Dutch and the Danes are leading a plan to train Ukrainian pilots to fly the US-made aircraft as part of an 11-nation coalition, with training potentially complete by early 2024. Washington has strict rules on the sale or transfer of US military equipment by its allies.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said Moscow will regard Western F-16 fighter jets sent to Ukraine as a "nuclear" threat because of their capacity to carry atomic weapons.

His conservative VVD party successor Kurd Dilan Yeşilgöz-Zegerius is a tough cookie and willing to work with xenophobe and Islamophobe Geert Wilders. Rightwing alliance is at the forefront of Europe's demise ... in footsteps of Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Lithuania. The Dutch flag of the VOC and era of slavery prevails once again. Roots of orthodox Dutch Reformed Church and Calvin.

Overjoyed as a kid getting long expected toys from his dad. Let's play war ... damn idiots. No end in sight.

Moment of M.A.D. is creeping closer ...

'Sapere aude'

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Crimea As Endgame Before Going M.A.D.

'Sapere aude'
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