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Rising poverty in The Netherlands ... will caretaker cabinet Rutte IV be willing to plug the gap of lowest income with rising energy costs (still) and basic groceries to lessen hunger of children and families? The VVD party of Rutte prefers austerity measures above any tax increase for business and large corporations. Creeping disaster to the British Tory conservative analogy. Rutte loves the Brits ...

CPB: Dutch government needs to act against rising poverty rates

With figures from Statistics Netherlands (CBS) revealing that the Netherlands is now officially in a recession, a report published by the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) has warned that inflation will remain high in 2024 and that urgent action is required by the government in order to tackle the rising poverty rate.


As part of its report, the CPB also warns that, if the Dutch government fails to take action, the Netherlands will face a rather rapidly rising poverty rate, pointing out that the number of people living in poverty will rise from 4,8 of the population in 2023 to 5,7 percent in 2024 - or approximately 1 million people.

"Because the temporary purchasing power measures will end next year, poverty in the Netherlands will increase again," says CPB director Pieter Hasekamp. "If the government wants to take extra measures for this, it is important to cover these in accordance with the existing budgetary rules. Because even without further policy, the government deficit will increase rapidly in the coming years."

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