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VVD Dilan Yesilgöz Commits to Law & Order - III

Ahead of the general election the new VVD leader Dilan Yesilgöz  commits to a political alliance with extremist rightwing Geert Wilders. He has deep roots in the VVD party at the time of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, but Wilders bolted due to "moderate" policy on immigration, fighting Islamic terror and his anti-Semitic views ... the Palestinians of course.

Dilan and Geert have a meeting of minds in a staunch pro-Israel support without any compassion for the Rights of Palestinians. Fascism has arrived in The Netherlands.

The only hope to avoid a Rutte V extreme right wing cabinet would be her political miscalculation. Inside the electorate of far-right voters, many Geert Wilders sympathizers cast their vote for Mark Rutte to guarantee his majority to lead in forming a next government. That may end for Yesilgöz if a large number of voters can freely cast their vote for the one-man PVV party leader as she promised to look to her right, not to her left.

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