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Greens warn right-wing coalitions will ruin climate policies | June 6, 2023 |

The Greens seek to fight the rise of right-wing governments across the EU and a conservative majority in the EU parliament by facilitating a credible alternative, but it will be a tricky mission.

The Greens' "main political risk at the national level and European level" is the rise of right-wing coalitions in member states' governments and in the EU Parliament, which would be a "total disaster", European Green Party Co-chair Mélanie Vogel told EURACTIV in a party congress in Vienna on 3-4 June.

"This is the risk in Spain and that this model that you see in Italy, in Sweden, to be seen in Finland, in a way you can also say in France", Vogel added.

If this model were replicated in more member states, Vogel affirms, "all progressive laws on climate policies and social justice, but also on the democratic structure of the EU, would be endangered".

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