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Omtzigt (NSC) 31 seats
Green Left / Labour 28 seats
VVD of Mark Rutte 22 seats (-12)
D'66 Sigrid Kaag. 7 seats (-17)
CDA Wopke Hoekstra  3 seats (-12)

Present coalition loses 42 seats ... a bit late for me, but a clear total failure of Rutte IV ... a stretched out Rutte III. Is Brussels waiting for any of these flunked politicians?

Voters want these elections to be about the housing market

Many voters (45%) believe that the upcoming elections should be about the housing market (affordable housing, renting). Other socio-economic issues (health care, poverty alleviation, social services) are also frequently mentioned, as are immigration and asylum (all mentioned by a third party). Climate change drops to 5th position: 27% consider this important.

In July, we saw that immigration and asylum (at 36%) were - for the first time - the top topic for voters. That study was conducted shortly after the government fell over family reunification for asylum seekers, giving the subject momentum. In the meantime, both Omtzigt and Timmermans have presented themselves and they pay a lot of attention to socio-economic subjects such as social security, poverty, housing and care. This may explain why the top 5 already looks so different now than a month and a half ago: the political leaders use their spearheads to determine what the attention is focused on, voters are sensitive to this.

  • NSC voters find the housing market the most important, followed by poverty reduction, health care and immigration/asylum.
  • PvdA/GL voters mainly believe that the campaign should be about climate change, followed by poverty reduction and the housing market.
  • VVD voters want to talk about immigration/asylum, housing, security and - more than other voters - economy/government finances.
  • BBB voters attach the most importance to housing, healthcare and immigration.
    The subjects of agriculture, nature and nitrogen are not thorny issues at the moment.

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