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Ever since the Biden Blitzkrieg across Europe, basic energy price has gone over the top multiple times and in a variety of ways. Last winter and during this year, the consumers are somewhat protected by a "price cap" as the government subsidizes retail energy suppliers for purchasing gas and electricity from producers at a high price, above what the today's markt price is. Germany has an agreement with energy suppliers to limit the selling price to consumers. Not in a free market festival introduced by the conservatives of the VVD under thirteen years of greed capitalism by PM Mark Rutte.

After over a year that suppliers would only offer contracts with "flexible" prices and screw consumers who had nowhere to go. The price cap offering is about at a three-fold level of January 2022 ... the extreme price of December 2021 was just behind us. Fortunately I got an offer for a 3-year contract mid-January 2022 ... so I could survive the price onslaught. In past three years, many house owners invested in solar panels at a rate leading Europe.

Stedin and TenneT should invest in the high-voltage grid ... they have not and supply is in a very bad shape. The large corporations and data centers for the Amazons, Alphabet, Google and Microsoft get priority on solar and wind energy at ridiculous low prices.

This summer the energy suppliers announced a surcharge of between €20 and €40 each month for homeowners with solar panels. They went further ... as there are offerings for multiple year energy contracts, except as soon as you check the box "solar panels" all offerings are limited to maximum one year contract with build in extra surcharge for returning electricity to the grid. Damn criminals ... this really infuriates me as there are no consumer rights or possibility to take this monopoly to court.  

Just before dismissal of Rutte IV, new legislation protects energy suppliers costing consumers their rights to shop for a better price ...

If the corporate lobby in The Hague didn't do enough damage, these pricing demands will guarantee higher profits for the damn fossil fuel corporations and intermediaries.

Eneco slashing rate paid for excess solar panel energy | NL Times - Aug. 24, 2023 |

Eneco is cutting the compensation for solar panel owners that feed electricity back into the power grid. From September 5, they'll get 9 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh).

The compensation cut means that solar panel owners with an expensive energy contract will get hundreds of euros less per year for their excess energy. About a quarter of the 1.8 million households with solar panels annually generate 900 kWh more than they need.

Present offer for any new consumer contract is 40 cents per kWh. Per 1 January 2024, there will be no price cap at all .... fucking moron politicians Rutte IV in The Hague. These are mob practices ... extortion.

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by Oui (Oui) on Sun Aug 27th, 2023 at 08:19:35 PM EST

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