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For the first time a female leader and of dual nationality. Turks by birth and Dutch after family reunion in the 1980s made possible by lenient policy under PM Ruud Lubbers of the Christian Democrats. Certainly a left-wing progressive policy for labor migrants from Morocco and Turkey.

Dilan Yeşilgöz-Zegerius official party leader VVD Conservative, rightwing in Dutch politics. Mark Rutte is finishing as caretaker prime-minister hoping his dynasty of 13 years will be continued. His pro-business, pro-Nordic EU states, full support of NATO aggression on the Eastern Front, has ended in total chaos and failure. The EU got screwed into a NATO proxy war following a Blitzkrieg and bullying by U.S. President Biden.

Using immigration as a reason to upend Rutte IV after 18 months and the party believes immigration is a priority issue? NO it is not, it is a policy of dividing the nation, renew conflicts and open old wounds. Immigration was an issue of 2015 [see a courageous Angela Merkel] with the influx of millions of Syrian war refugees as NATO was supporting jihadists and foreign terrorists to overthrow Bashar al-Assad. Truly hope the anger of the Dutch masses will see her as a lying VVD leader  and send her party into opposition seats.

Many VVD voters will return to the party of Geert Wilders as Mark Rutte had adopted his main talking points. Both Dilan and Geert are strongly biased pro-Israel ... pro fascism. See my three part diaries in July ...

 Excellent report from Berkeley 2022 ...

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