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Aiming for top position, successor to her "boss" Mark Rutte who is leaving in disgrace. The First Lady in "het Torentje" in the heart of Dutch politics ... would be very refreshing indeed. By definition the start of change in Dutch politics ... looks quite promising. Dilan needs to leave by a sharp right turn through the backdoor.

Omtzigt: Dismissal of Mona Keijzer by Rutte in violation of regulations | Politics - Sept. 26, 2021 |

The summary dismissal of CDA State Secretary Mona Keijzer (Economic Affairs and Climate), Mark Rutte, goes against the rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers. Something like that really only fits in a presidential system. That says former CDA member Pieter Omtzigt, who now forms a one-man faction in the House of Representatives.

Apparently a Prime Minister can pick up the phone and fire ministers and secretaries of state without a cabinet decision. Alone, by phone. But that's strange," Omtzigt said in a tweet. "The regulations are clear: the Prime Minister may propose resignation, but it is up to the Council of Ministers to deliberate and decide. So that didn't happen."

According to the Government Information Service (RVD), Rutte 'with the consent of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate, and after consultation with the three deputy prime ministers' nominated Keijzer for dismissal, with immediate effect. King Willem-Alexander subsequently dismissed the outgoing State Secretary 'in the most honorable way'.

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by Oui (Oui) on Fri Sep 1st, 2023 at 06:07:26 PM EST
In football it is the day of suspense for the last minute transfers ... same happened in The Hague. A day of surprises ...

One person party BBB of farmers protest introduced three experience MPs from a broad range of parties: rightwing JA21 - PVV and biggest scoop as leading lady for position of Prime Minister, former prominent CDA member Mr. Drs. Mona Keizer.

Who is Mona Keizer - X-Twitter account

Dutch protesters march through The Hague against 'corona pass' | The Guardian - 25 Sept. 2021 |

PM sacks minister who questioned new policy requiring proof of vaccination or negative test in public venues

Coming general election will be a repeat of March provincial for Senate representation. It will be a people's protest against the failures of cabinet Rutte IV and the lack of leadership causing inequality and deep problems in Dutch society. True change in mindset is needed ...

Farmers party BoerBurgerBeweging (BBB) has named Mona Keijzer as prime minister candidate for the upcoming elections scheduled on November 22

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by Oui (Oui) on Fri Sep 1st, 2023 at 06:45:12 PM EST
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My election forecast ...

Electorate VVD-PPV  40 seats
Joined list Green Party - Labour 22-28 seats
Liberals D66  10-14 seats
New parties BBB Van der Plas - NSC Omtzigt 44-50 seats
Small parties PvdD-Volt-SP 15-20 seats
Religious parties CU-SGP  stable 8 seats
Rest parties

Opinion polling for the 2023 Dutch general election

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by Oui (Oui) on Sat Sep 2nd, 2023 at 08:23:55 AM EST
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I&O seat poll: Voters enthusiastic about New Social Contract | 26 Aug. |

Voters welcomed the entrance of Omtzigt's new party, New Social Contract, with enthusiasm. If elections were to take place now, the party could count on approximately 31 seats. Voters who now lean towards NSC do so mainly because of their admiration for Omtzigt. PvdA/GroenLinks follows with 28 virtual seats, while VVD now has 22. According to the I&O Research seat poll of August.

The NSC party of Omtzigt will not seek to become the largest and will not participate in all districts ... very preliminary prognosis as many new party leaders and party programs have just been released.

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by Oui (Oui) on Sat Sep 2nd, 2023 at 05:05:03 PM EST
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