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13 Years of Conservative Rule under rightwing Mark Rutte has ended in deep misery.

Violent anti-lockdown protesters are idiots, says Dutch PM | The Guardian |

Mark Rutte condemns `pure violence' at protests over weekend, as thousands also gather in Brussels

So Rutte took his "presidential" power to fire Mrs. Mona Keijzer (CDA)from his cabinet.  Mona Keijzer has ended her prominent membership of the Christian Democrats and has joined the Farmers Party of Caroline van der Plas (BBB) and a potential candidate for Prime Minister and enter "het Torentje".

    Shots fired in The Netherlands on driving farmers. No self-defence, this is just escalation on behalf of the Dutch 'government'. True colours are all out. #boerenprotesten #politiegeweld #DutchFoodYourFood

    Rightwing governments will fail and hopefully fall to a more social-democratic leadership who will refuse to fight proxy wars for the empires still about.

    The unrest in The Netherlands has led to PM Rutte live firing at the farmer protest which by itself was a culmination of years of anger and poor communication of policy ...

    My diary - EU Spring Uprising 2022 | June 6, 2022 |

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