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The choices made under PM Ruud Lubbers and election results ...

Cabinet Lubbers III 1989-1994)

Years of economic tough times going into a global recession 1992 ... two party government CDA 54 seats and Labour 49 seats ... representing 69% majority in Parliament. Lubbers advocate of tri-partite consultation of government-- employers confederation VNO-NCW - Labor Unions or the Third Way.

Roosevelt Four Freedoms Award to Drs. Ruud Lubbers in 1995

Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers received the International Four Freedoms Award. He received the award for his excellent work as a political leader in the Netherlands and his efforts to improve Western European-American relations and make the European Union stronger. And for his contributions to the World Trade Agreements (GATT) and his help in rebuilding the energy resources of the former Soviet Union?

Came across another interesting bilateral session in The Hague...

1983 Sep 19 -- Margaret Thatcher in Joint Press Conference with Dutch Prime Minister (Ruud Lubbers)

Agriculture, Defence (general), Defence (arms control), European Union (general), European Union Budget, Foreign policy (International organizations), Foreign policy (Middle East), Foreign policy (USSR & successor states), Foreign policy (Western Europe - non-EU), Science & technology ESTEC/ESA in Noordwijk

Later years ...

Margaret Thatcher and Dutch Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers were subjected to two days of French and German bullying, Kohl thumping the table, Chirac shouting ... topics EU expansion with Spain and Portugal plus concept monetary union (EMU).

EC: The political implications of European economic integration | Dec. 1991 |

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