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One month ahead of the downing of MH-17 Malaysian aircraft above the hot warzone of Eastern Ukraine ... refusal to send out an official IATA alert to civilian aircraft to avoid Donetsk region overall.

NATO will not offer Georgia membership step, avoiding Russia clash | Reuters - June 25, 2014 |

NATO members agreed in principle to draw up a "substantive package" of cooperation with Georgia that would help it move closer to NATO, Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen told reporters at a meeting of alliance foreign ministers.

But that falls short of an invitation to join NATO's Membership Action Plan (MAP) - a formal step towards membership - that Georgia, which fought a brief war with Russia in 2008, had hoped for.

Putting Georgia on a path to NATO membership would have angered Russia, which is deeply hostile to the Western military alliance advancing into former Soviet republics, and some allies feared it could provoke Russian retaliation.

Welcoming Georgia into the alliance would mean NATO could be obliged to go to its defence in the event of another war with Russia.

And with NATO-Russia tensions running high after Moscow's annexation of Ukraine's Crimea region, any invitation to Georgia to join the MAP has become even more of a political hot potato. Russia, which has said that its annexation of Crimea in March was influenced by the Western military alliance's expansion into eastern Europe, has made no secret of its opposition to its neighbour Georgia joining NATO. Although Rasmussen insisted that "NATO's door remains open" to new members and that no other country had a veto over NATO enlargement, NATO diplomats said the standoff over Ukraine did influence the debate.

Some allies, particularly in the Baltics and eastern Europe, said NATO should send a tough message to Moscow by inviting Georgia to join the MAP - a programme of advice, assistance and support tailored to countries wishing to join the alliance.

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Russia Is Connected to Western Europe

Lord Robertson recalls Russian president did not want to wait in line with 'countries that don't matter'. Former Labour defence secretary who led NATO between 1999 and 2003, said Putin made it clear at their first meeting that he wanted Russia to be part of western Europe. "They wanted to be part of that secure, stable prosperous west that Russia was out of at the time."

Vladimir Putin told David Frost he would not rule out joining NATO "if and when Russia's views are taken into account as those of an equal partner". It was hard for him to visualise NATO as an enemy. "Russia is part of the European culture. And I cannot imagine my own country in isolation from Europe and what we often call the civilised world."

Russian Gas Made Europe A Global Leader

War with Russia was a choice ... the war hawks won the narrative from the principled supporters of the Four Freedoms, founding act of the EEC and EU.

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