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The Ten Obstacles the ICC Prosecutor Faces In Investigating Palestine

Some of those who support Israel see the International Criminal Court (ICC) as an existential threat. Here is a first set of ten obstacles that the Hague Court, which has taken a fight with a muscular opponent in the most heated region in the world, will have to face.

On March 3, Fatou Bensouda the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) opened an investigation into the situation in Palestine, covering crimes which may have been committed since 13 June 2014 - the date that the Palestinian authorities gave to the ICC when they asked the court to step in.

These alleged crimes include acts committed by both the Israeli defence forces and by Hamas and Palestinian armed groups during 2014 and by Israeli authorities since 2014 in theoccupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Bensouda has effectively presented a challenge for her successor, Karim Khan, who will take the reins in June this year for a 9-year term.

Here we list the top ten obstacles that will make this investigation the most difficult the court has ever attempted.

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