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From Chi-Town bag man to ECOWAS asset: Bola Tinubu
...A 1993 report by IRS Special Agent Kevin Moss explained that "there is probable cause to believe that funds in certain bank accounts controlled by Bola Tinubu…represent proceeds of drug trafficking; therefore these funds are forfeitable to the United States."...
Which reminded me of Carol Moseley-Braun: From improbable rise to abrupt, ignominious fall
...As a Senator, Moseley Braun made trips with Matthews to Nigeria without notifying the State Department or the U.S. ambassador at a time when the United States had issued sanctions against that nation. Those trips garnered enough backlash to cost Moseley Braun re-election in 1998....
and, of course, The Understudies "with a white mother and a Kenyan father"
by Cat on Fri Aug 18th, 2023 at 12:42:37 AM EST
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