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Secretary Antony J. Blinken With Waihiga Mwaura of BBC Focus on Africa | Aug. 8, 2023 | plus video

BBC MWAURA:  Secretary of State, I want to jump in and get a sense from you on this.  So Russia has promised free grain to some of the worst affected countries, especially on the African continent.  Isn't this somewhat a measure of good faith on the part of Russia?

SECRETARY BLINKEN:  Well, it's - I - none of this is a laughing matter, but it's laughable.  What Russia was proposing is - was to get grain to a half dozen countries, about 50,000 tons.  The Black Sea Grain Initiative delivered 20 million tons to lower and middle-income countries.  In other words, what the Russians were proposing in compensation for getting out of the agreement is a drop in the bucket of what countries were getting and what they need.

And by the way, I was at the United Nations last week.  Ninety-one countries signed on to a declaration saying that food should not be used as a weapon of war, and never mind what the United States is saying, country after country - and notably countries in Africa - were all calling upon Russia to get back into the Black Sea Grain Initiative.

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