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Niger, Di Maio: "Italy will soon open a new military base in Niamey" | June 3, 2021 |

It is in Niger, the main beneficiary of the Italian fund for migration and its development aid, that recently Italy "has concentrated its greatest efforts", said Di Maio, stating that "thanks to these collective efforts, migratory flows in Europe they have decreased by 70 per cent in recent years". The minister then declared that Italy will continue to support Niger also in the framework of the action of the United Nations, of the European Union and the coalition for the Sahel (Task force Takuba), urging not to abandon a country that "is paying a very high price for its stability". The invitation is therefore to continue "an integrated approach" in support of democratic strengthening and institutions, to which - the minister observed - the Nigerians have shown themselves to be attacked even in the last presidential elections, won by President Mohamed Bazoum and held without major accidents.

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