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I recently learned that, according to the invisible hand d/b/a the World Bank, Mauritania obtained upper middle-income status, such that ordinary families can afford $8,000 to $10,000 price of asylum in the USA by selling land or livestock.

But this 12-day-"old" I24 report is truly a priceless example of the "rules-base order" FKA "international law" FKA FKA "democratic process" FKA "free trade" FKA "neo" imperial discretion. It summarizes four-year's of business school cases in 1,000 words. I also commend the photo editor's selection memorializing "feminist foreign policy," or gender "equity," (AFP PHOTO / BOUREIMA HAMA Anne Lauvergeon (C), CEO of French nuclear energy company Areva, arrives at the groundbreaking ceremony for a giant uranium mine in Imouraren, northern Niger, on May 4, 2009.) and Eichinger's sublime sarcasm.

"Ideally, collaboration with international justice, and especially the FBI, could help the ruling junta to dismantle the evasion and laundering circuits, and the fraud cases. This could make it possible to recover considerable sums, and offer the country a chance of recovery."
One might imagine that  the "preliterate" people inhabiting Niger had no part in and had not approved the 2010 constitutional referendum
...The president's refusal to give up power at the end of his second five-year term sparked widespread protests, and after military leaders toppled him, they named a consultative counsel to draft a new constitution. The counsel settled on what is known as a semi-presidential system where the chief executive's powers are limited....
further amended 2017 to remedy corruption of bureaucratic authorities—during  Issoufou's second term. At that time, recurring complaint by the US embassy, having no objection to near perfect replication by the Nigerien state of model G7 "constitutional order," statutes, and enforcement, was "although". In light of these facts, it comes as no surprise to me six years later that the only cooperation brought to bear by G7 allied "neighbors" is settling the question, Who controls the looting?
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ne.usembassy.gov | NIGER 2016 HUMAN RIGHTS REPORT, 27 pp

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Indeed, democracy and the constitution needs to be protected ... if needs be by military intervention and bloodshed ... battle for Nigerien freedom 🇳🇪

'Sapere aude'
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