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Sudan coup 2021: US may reevaluate Israel-Sudan normalisation | MEE - 26 Oct. 2021 |

Biden administration says US and Israel watching the aftermath of the military takeover in Sudan 'very closely'

Price's comments have signalled that the US may put a pause on the normalisation process between the two countries. Cameron Hudson, a fellow at the Atlantic Council and former US diplomat, told Middle East Eye that with the military currently in power, the Biden administration would look to refrain from offering it any legitimacy.

"The US could be signalling an effort to slow down the normalisation talks between Israel and Sudan because any deal now could be interpreted as  legitimising the military's hold on power, something Washington has no interest in doing," Hudson said.

Doing so would likely harm the success of the coup, as establishing ties with Israel has been seen by analysts as a move made by Sudan's military, while civilian leaders including Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok have appeared to downplay the decision.

"The Sudanese military has always been approaching Israel or isolating the civilians from being approached by Israeli officials," Dr Jihad Mashamoun, a researcher and political analyst, told MEE.

"The military believes that if they have the backing of Israel, Israel will lobby on behalf of the military in the US in favour of the Sudanese military's control over the transition period in Sudan."

Mashamoun noted that Israel, which has yet to give an official response to the coup, likely favours a military-led government in Sudan.

"Israel would want a military partner in Sudan rather than a civilian one because anything that a civilian government does has to go through parliament. The problem for Israel is that if this normalisation agreement goes through parliament, it won't pass."

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