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lemonde | France begins talks on withdrawal of some of its troops from Niger, 5 Sep
At this stage, neither the number of soldiers involved nor the manner of this departure has been officially decided, but the general principle has been accepted. 1,500 French soldiers are currently deployed in the country, at three bases: in the capital, Niamey, in Ouallam, to the north of the capital, and in Ayorou, near the border with Mali. Some units may be redeployed in the region, notably in neighboring Chad [?!], or repatriated directly to Paris.
A source insisted that discussions are only being held between the military, not with the ruling junta, as France continues to refuse to recognize the government that emerged from the putsch.
lesahel.org | Niger-Nigeria cooperation: Towards the firm application of the principle of reciprocity between the two countries, 5 Sep
According to a note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Minister Bakary Yaou Sangare, during this interview discussed with the ambassador certain practices and decisions implemented by the Federal Republic of Nigeria and which could undermine diplomatic relations between Niger and Nigeria. He asked that these actions cease in order to preserve the exemplary nature of "our bilateral relations that the current circumstances, with the iniquitous decisions of ECOWAS, should not affect", ads the note.
lesahel.org | Prime Minister's audience with the Chinese ambassador to Niger: M Jiang Feng promises to maintain all ongoing projects
Speaking of China-Niger cooperation, he said that it is based on the sincere friendship of the two peoples and therefor all projects in the interest of the Niger people will continue. China has a responsibility to protect major projects like Kandadji, Agadem II, and many others which are property of the people of Niger.
lesahel.org | Responses to Macron's speech given to French ambassadors
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barrons AFP | Protests After Chadian Soldier Dies In Attack At French Base, 6 Aug G6 Sahel
An army nurse at a French military base in northern Chad shot dead a Chadian soldier who had attacked him, triggering protests by local people, the region's governor told AFP on Wednesday.

The incident occurred on Tuesday in the base of Faya-Largeau, where troops are deployed under France's strategy of fighting jihadists in West Africa's Sahel.

"A Chadian soldier who was not in a normal state went to the French army base to get bandaged, picked up a scalpel and wounded a French military nurse," General Ali Maide Kebir, the governor of Borkou region, told AFP.

"The nurse used his firearm and killed him," he said.

"After hearing of the soldier's death, the people of Faya demonstrated all day long outside the entrance to the base and tried unsuccessfully to get inside," Maide Kebir said....

RT | Protesters attempt to storm French military base - media
"The outrage was caused by the murder of a Chadian soldier inside a French military base in the northern town of Faya-Largeau on Tuesday, Alwihda Info has reported."
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I was looking for S. Sigh's Wednesday seminar on depleted uranium gifts for Ukraine to confirm RT excerpts relayed from CNN.

COME TO FIND, the ladies' press gaggle latched onto surpetitious Pentagon movements in Niger—departing "non-essential personnel" and equipment out of Niamey under the radar; "re-positioning" of an unspecified number of troops from AB 101 to AB 201, Agadez, NE; DOD emphasis on AFRICOM "force posture" status quo is unrelated ("no tie") to French MOD .

defense | Pentagon Press Secretary Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder Holds a Press Briefing, 5 Sep

[...Maui and Florida search & recovery ops, Indonesia excersises...]
Q: Hi. Thanks for doing this. Two topics for you; first one, the visit -- the visit between Russia and North Korea. How can concerned is the Pentagon that this could add to deadly munitions to Russia in its war against Ukraine? And have you to the—to date been able to track how many weapons North Korea has been able to supply?

And then second topic on Niger. Several media outlets are reporting that the French government is in talks to possibly withdraw troops from Niger. Is the Pentagon also in similar talks with the Niger government on the same?
RYDER: Yeah, thanks, Tara.

As far as Niger goes, I don't have any new announcements to make. Again, we remain focused on a diplomatic solution. There's been no change in U.S. force posture in Niger. But again, as updates become available, we'll certainly let you know.
TARA: When you say no change in force posture, does that mean that U.S. forces have remained on base and are not venturing out, no training missions?
RYDER: They're currently -- again, training missions have been paused, and so again, nothing new to provide from the podium here.


JENNIFER: General Ryder, if the French pull out, will the U.S. pull out?

RYDER: Again, I don't want to get into hypotheticals or speculate. Broadly speaking, the U.S. government remains focused on a diplomatic solution right now.
JENNIFER: And what is the state of the Wagner forces in Africa and elsewhere post-Prigozhin? And what can you tell us about the recruiting efforts, the alleged recruiting efforts in Cuba? What are you seeing? What do you know? Have any of those Cuban recruits showed up in Ukraine?
RYDER: Yeah, thanks, Jennifer. I don't have any information to provide as it pertains to Cuba. I would say largely speaking, as you've heard us say before, Wagner has been im—significantly impacted negatively in terms of their broad organization, and—and their efforts in Africa, while they do continue to maintain a presence in Africa, what the— what they will be able to accomplish or how their operations will be affected over the long term is —is something we're continuing to keep an eye on.
JENNIFER: And who's the head of Wagner now?
RYDER: Again, I'd have to refer you to Wagner to talk about their head.


CARLA: Just one follow on Niger. So how concerning is it to the Pentagon that the French are in talks on pulling out? And can you just explain to us how much the French contribute to the counter-terror war that the U.S. is also a part of in West Africa?

C-SPAN | Defense Department Briefing, 7 Sep DOD "readiness" housekeeping, "presense", personnel and contractors "levels"
"Deputy Defense Department Spokesperson Sabrina Singh [of GAAP historical cost adjustment fame] briefs reporters on the ongoing response to the Maui wildfires, U.S. military assistance for the war in Ukraine, [Austin "tri-lateral call" with JP Hamada Yasukazu and KR Lee Jong-sup,] and U.S. force posture in Niger after pulling non-essential personnel."
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