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lemonde | France begins talks on withdrawal of some of its troops from Niger, 5 Sep
At this stage, neither the number of soldiers involved nor the manner of this departure has been officially decided, but the general principle has been accepted. 1,500 French soldiers are currently deployed in the country, at three bases: in the capital, Niamey, in Ouallam, to the north of the capital, and in Ayorou, near the border with Mali. Some units may be redeployed in the region, notably in neighboring Chad [?!], or repatriated directly to Paris.
A source insisted that discussions are only being held between the military, not with the ruling junta, as France continues to refuse to recognize the government that emerged from the putsch.
lesahel.org | Niger-Nigeria cooperation: Towards the firm application of the principle of reciprocity between the two countries, 5 Sep
According to a note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Minister Bakary Yaou Sangare, during this interview discussed with the ambassador certain practices and decisions implemented by the Federal Republic of Nigeria and which could undermine diplomatic relations between Niger and Nigeria. He asked that these actions cease in order to preserve the exemplary nature of "our bilateral relations that the current circumstances, with the iniquitous decisions of ECOWAS, should not affect", ads the note.
lesahel.org | Prime Minister's audience with the Chinese ambassador to Niger: M Jiang Feng promises to maintain all ongoing projects
Speaking of China-Niger cooperation, he said that it is based on the sincere friendship of the two peoples and therefor all projects in the interest of the Niger people will continue. China has a responsibility to protect major projects like Kandadji, Agadem II, and many others which are property of the people of Niger.
lesahel.org | Responses to Macron's speech given to French ambassadors
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