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From a progressive American Thinker in March 2011 ..

Libya is Not Our Problem | By BooMan23 - Mar 13, 2011 |

If Anthony Shadid's reporting on Libya for the U.S. media is accurate, my prediction has come true. The United States of America will get blamed for everything no matter what we do. And I find it very irritating.

We have absolutely no responsibility for the fact that Gaddafi has been running Libya for over forty years. We didn't tell people to revolt against his leadership. We do not have close relationships with the Libyan elite. We do not coddle them, empower them, or apologize for them. We have only the most tangential interests in what happens in Libya, and our main concern is that chaos there not lead to energy inflation that slows the world economy and cost us jobs.

Moreover, one of the most common Arab complaints about the USA is that we intervene in their internal affairs. So, when we don't go racing to aid a hodgepodge of ill-trained, ill-led, poorly educated rebels, suddenly we're the bad guys? I don't like Gaddafi, but reading the rebels' complaints almost makes me want to start rooting for him.

Shadid details just how disorganized the rebellion is, and it doesn't inspire any confidence on my part that we should have anything to do with them, even if we share a common loathing for Gaddafi.

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