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premiumtimesng | Niger Coup: Nigerian Senate rejects Tinubu's troop deployment plan, urges political solution, 5 Aug constitutional crisis?
Rather the upper legislative chamber advised Mr Tinubu and the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS), which he leads, to explore political solution to the crisis.

The resolution confirms an earlier PREMIUM TIMES report that Senators had taken a decision opposing military action in Niger.

President Tinubu had on Friday sought the approval of the upper chamber to mobilise the Nigerian Army to Niger Republic to combat the Nigerien coupists who overthrew their democratically elected president, Mohammed Bazoum.

In a resolution after deliberating on Mr Tinubu's request at a closed session Saturday, the Senate supported other steps being taking by Nigeria and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to reverse the coup but rejected the option of a military action in the poor West African nation.
The resolutions read by the Senate President are as follows.

"The Senate commends President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and other heads of states and government of the ECOWAS for their prompt response and the position taken on the unfortunate incident in Niger Republic.

"The Senate calls on the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and chairman of ECOWAS to further encourage other leaders of ECOWAS to strengthen the political and diplomatic options and other means to resolve the political logjam in Niger Republic.

"The National Assembly supports ECOWAS leadership under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu in resolving the political situation in Niger and returning the country to a democratic governance in the nearest future.

"The leadership of the Senate is mandated to further engage with the President and commander-in-chief on behalf of the senate and national assembly on how best to resolve the issues in view of the existing cordial relationship between Nigeriens and Nigerians.

"Finally, the Senate calls on the ECOWAS parliament to rise to the occasion by equally condemning this coup and also providing solutions to resolve this logjam as soon as possible."

ECOWAS Revised Treaty - 1993, select points of interest

• Chap. II Defininitions, Art.1
"Chairman of the Authority" means the current Chairman of the Authority of Heads of State and Government of the Community, elected in accordance with the provisions of Article 8.2 of this Treaty;"

• Chap. IX, Establishment and Implementation of an Economic and Monetary Union

• Chap. XII, Co-operation in Other Areas

• Chap. XIII, Land-locked and Island Member States, Art. 68

• Chap. XV, Settlement of Disputes, Art. 76

• Chap. XVI, Sanctions Applicable for Non-Fulfillment of Obligations, Art. 77

• Chap. XIV, Financial Provisions, Art. 69 - 75

CFA Zone, est'd. 1945
CAEMC (1973): CD, CF, CM, GA, GQ, TD
WAEMU (1994): BJ, BF, CI, GW, ML, NE, SN, TG
pdf, 56 pp plus cover
keynotes: (A) The Treaty does not provide either the ECOWAS Chairman or ECOWAS Authority assembled any "mechanism" (i) to establish an ECOWAS military institution, (ii) declare, finance, or prosecute a war, (iii) intervene in a member state's co-operation with a "third-country"; and (B) Nigeria is not a CFA Zone beneficiary. Nigeria's legal tender is the naira (NGN).
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theafricareport | Nigeria's Senate rejects military intervention in Niger as ultimatum to coup leaders expires, 6 Aug
The Senate has all but halted President Bola Tinubu's plan to deploy soldiers in Niger, a move that might give the military junta a respite.
Axel Springer | West Africa prepares for war in Niger, 7 Aug holiday hours
ECOWAS would not be able to go it alone, and the crisis has created some unlikely allies for the bloc. France, which has long seen Nigeria and ECOWAS as threats to its influence in West Africa, announced its support for an ECOWAS-led military intervention Saturday (French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna did not confirm whether her country would participate in the speshul military operation). The U.S. has signaled some support for ECOWAS' actions, though also hasn't committed to supporting an speshul military operation.
militrarytimes | West African leaders will meet Thursday after Niger's junta DEFIES key deadline and shuts airspace, 7 Aug
A spokesman for the coup leaders, Col. Maj. Amadou Abdramane, noted "the threat of intervention being prepared in a neighboring country," and said Niger's airspace will be closed until further notice. Any attempt to fly over the country will be met with "an energetic and immediate response."
It was not immediately clear what ECOWAS leaders will do now. The region is divided on a course of action. There was no sign of military forces gathering at [WAEMU.NE] Niger's border with Nigeria [.NG], the likely entry point by land.

Nigeria's Senate has pushed back on the plan to invade, urging Nigeria's president, the bloc's current chair, to explore options other than the use of force. ECOWAS can still move ahead, as final decisions are made by < wipes tears > consensus by member states.

Guinea [.GN] and neighboring Algeria [.DZ], which is not an ECOWAS member, have come out against the use of force. [WAEMU.SN] Senegal's government has said it would participate in a military operation if it went ahead, and Ivory Coast [WAEMU.CI] has expressed support for the bloc's efforts to restore constitutional order.
archive "sixth region of the African Union"
Since the coup, extremists have been ecstatic as they're able to move around more freely without fear of attack, Boubacar Moussa, a former jihadi fighter, told the AP [The Bat Man Associated Press]. He had joined a nationwide program that encourages fighters to defect and reintegrate into society. The program's fate is unclear.

Moussa said he's received at least 10 phone calls from active jihadis in the Tillaberi region near the Mali border who said there's been no concern about airstrikes. If there's a military intervention by ECOWAS, they [ECOWAS] likely will attack Niamey, he said.

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Canada is out. Nigeria is out. RUTO wins the bid!
militarytimes | US and Kenya sign defense agreement ahead of planned Haiti deployment, 26 Sep
The U.S. and Kenya signed a defense agreement Monday [25 Sep] that will see the East African nation get resources and support for security deployments as it is poised to lead a multi-national peacekeeping mission to Haiti to combat gang violence.

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Kenya's Defense Minister Aden Duale signed the accord at a meeting in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. The agreement guides the countries' defense relations for the next five years as the war in East Africa against the al-Qaeda linked al-Shabab extremist group intensifies.

Austin thanked Kenya for volunteering to take the leadership of the Haiti multi-national force and reiterated that the U.S government would work with Congress to secure the $100 million in funding that it pledged on the sidelines of the U.N General Assembly.
Kenya has pledged to send 1,000 security officers to Haiti to combat gang violence in a mission that is pending the U.N Security Council's formal approval but has received support from the U.N. and U.S. Duale said his country is ready to deploy to Haiti and cited Kenya's "very long history of global peacekeeping" in Kosovo [!], neighboring Somalia [!], and Congo [!].

whitehouse.gov | President Biden Announces the Inaugural Members of the President's Advisory Council on African Diaspora Engagement in the United States, 26 Sep
halp. halp. In which portfolio of "mission-driven enterprises" do military contractors in Haiti fit?
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Has the Pentagon lost the phone number of mercenaries' Erik Prince ... $100 million will buy a lot of experienced "volunteers". True soldiers of fortune ... no American soldiers have died on Biden's killing fields. Chapo ⁉️

'Sapere aude'
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In my early youth, boy's books and strips about exploring Africa and missionary work was in ... of course the journey into "Dark Africa" by Dr. Livingstone was well known.

My first encounter with politics was likely reading small newspaper article about the Mau Mau rebellion ... the name of course stuck in memory ... ugly terrorists.

'Sapere aude'

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