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premiumtimesng | Niger Coup: Nigerian Senate rejects Tinubu's troop deployment plan, urges political solution, 5 Aug constitutional crisis?
Rather the upper legislative chamber advised Mr Tinubu and the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS), which he leads, to explore political solution to the crisis.

The resolution confirms an earlier PREMIUM TIMES report that Senators had taken a decision opposing military action in Niger.

President Tinubu had on Friday sought the approval of the upper chamber to mobilise the Nigerian Army to Niger Republic to combat the Nigerien coupists who overthrew their democratically elected president, Mohammed Bazoum.

In a resolution after deliberating on Mr Tinubu's request at a closed session Saturday, the Senate supported other steps being taking by Nigeria and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to reverse the coup but rejected the option of a military action in the poor West African nation.
The resolutions read by the Senate President are as follows.

"The Senate commends President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and other heads of states and government of the ECOWAS for their prompt response and the position taken on the unfortunate incident in Niger Republic.

"The Senate calls on the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and chairman of ECOWAS to further encourage other leaders of ECOWAS to strengthen the political and diplomatic options and other means to resolve the political logjam in Niger Republic.

"The National Assembly supports ECOWAS leadership under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu in resolving the political situation in Niger and returning the country to a democratic governance in the nearest future.

"The leadership of the Senate is mandated to further engage with the President and commander-in-chief on behalf of the senate and national assembly on how best to resolve the issues in view of the existing cordial relationship between Nigeriens and Nigerians.

"Finally, the Senate calls on the ECOWAS parliament to rise to the occasion by equally condemning this coup and also providing solutions to resolve this logjam as soon as possible."

ECOWAS Revised Treaty - 1993, select points of interest

• Chap. II Defininitions, Art.1
"Chairman of the Authority" means the current Chairman of the Authority of Heads of State and Government of the Community, elected in accordance with the provisions of Article 8.2 of this Treaty;"

• Chap. IX, Establishment and Implementation of an Economic and Monetary Union

• Chap. XII, Co-operation in Other Areas

• Chap. XIII, Land-locked and Island Member States, Art. 68

• Chap. XV, Settlement of Disputes, Art. 76

• Chap. XVI, Sanctions Applicable for Non-Fulfillment of Obligations, Art. 77

• Chap. XIV, Financial Provisions, Art. 69 - 75

CFA Zone, est'd. 1945
CAEMC (1973): CD, CF, CM, GA, GQ, TD
WAEMU (1994): BJ, BF, CI, GW, ML, NE, SN, TG
pdf, 56 pp plus cover
keynotes: (A) The Treaty does not provide either the ECOWAS Chairman or ECOWAS Authority assembled any "mechanism" (i) to establish an ECOWAS military institution, (ii) declare, finance, or prosecute a war, (iii) intervene in a member state's co-operation with a "third-country"; and (B) Nigeria is not a CFA Zone beneficiary. Nigeria's legal tender is the naira (NGN).
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