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This article has colonialism and oppression written all over it ☹

Niger coup: Where to now for European diplomacy? | DW News |

FALSE - Complete bull what is conveyed here ...

There was a time when Niger, an important country of transit for people wanting to reach Europe, seemed to be the perfect partner for Germany.

After former German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited in 2016, Mahamadou Issoufou, who was president of Niger until 2021, intensified efforts to seal off one of the main migration routes through the Sahara.

The country's strategic location was also seen as important for tackling the growing threat from extremists in neighboring Mali in particular, and preventing the expansion of the Islamist militant group, Boko Haram.

West has an 'image problem'  😊 😊

Those who have launched coups in the Sahel have also benefitted from the fact that international military missions have failed there and that there is growing frustration among the people of the region. Basedau said that this was not enough to explain the coup in Niger but gave the West good reason to reflect on its approach.

"One should avoid any action that could give the impression that geopolitical interests are at play or there is neocolonialist interference," he said, adding that the West really had an "image problem."

"European countries interested in having some form of relationship with Sahelian countries because of their own national interests, need to find a way to not necessarily distance themselves from France, but to really make sure people are aware of the policy differences that they may have," agreed Eguegu.

He said that in this way Germany and others could maintain their influence. "They are not burning EU flags in Bamako or in Niamey or in Ouagadougou. It is specifically the French flag that you see. If they can get the French flag, they [could] of course get the European Union flag or write slogans to explain their dissatisfaction. So there really needs to be the understanding that anti-French sentiment should not be mistaken for anti-European sentiment."

Time to send in our "good-will" ambassador Josep Borrell ... give his  lecture on the "clash of civilization with them Barbarians©".

Hundreds of people joined demonstrations in Niger's capital city of Niamey on Thursday, protesting against sanctions imposed on the country by many of its neighbors in the wake of a military takeover. Amid concern [West's terrified ... Wagner in Syria, Libya, Mali and now in Niger] that Russia could seek to expand its already-growing regional influence, some coup supporters were seen brandishing Russian flags.

Anti-Western sentiment -- particularly aimed at former colonial power France -- has served as a backdrop for the events in Niamey since the sudden detention on July 26 of the country's elected president by the commander of his own elite guard.

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