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From New Frontier to New Normal:
Counter-terrorism operations in the sahel-sahara

Richard Reeve and
Zoë Pelter
August 2014

"The committee believes that U.S. Africa Command is on the front lines of
 the next phase of the terrorist threat"

US House of Representatives Committee on Armed Services
report 113-446 on the National Defense Authorization Act for FY2015, 13 may 2014

"We have to get used to operating in Africa, and they have to get used to us," [Commander of
Marine Corps Forces Africa Maj. Gen. Raymond] Fox told a Washington defense conference April 9.
"We want Marines to be as familiar with Africa as they are with Iraq and Afghanistan. I don't want
the first time they see that place to be when they're going in there for real. So we're going to
deliver a path where Africa sees more of us and we see more of Africa."

Marine Corps Times, 18 may 2014

"But why review our military deployment in Africa if it has functioned so well up to the present?
Because the threat has diffused, it has multiplied. Because we must now respond to challenges
which are those of speed, mobility, effectiveness and to do it with new means."

President François Hollande, N'Djamena, 19 July 2014

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