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DW CAST in order of appearance: (Paris) NE Pres. Mohammed BAZOUM, DE FM Annalena BAERBOCK, NE FM/(Paris) PM pro-temp Hassoumi MASSOUDOU*, DE MOD Boris PISTORIUS, DE DM/"Sahel Alliance" Pres. Svenja SCHULZE, KAS office manager Ulf LAESSING

EXTRAS: 60 Bundeswehr advisers in NE, 100 Bundeswehr in NE, 1,100 Bundeswehr (in Mali), 1,500 French in NE, 2,000 US in NE

UNSC Res. 1291 (2000) 6,037 troops
UNSC Res. 1856 (2007) 22,016 troops
UNSC Res. 1925 (2010) 12,379 troops a/o Feb 2023 bar chart
UNSC Res. 2666 (2022) exit plan due 20 Dec 2023

UN MINUSMA in Mali--
UNSC Res. 2100 (2013)
UNSC SC/10987 (July 2013)
ECOWAS/AFISMA authority transfered to 12,640 UN coalition military "mission"
UNSC Res. 2690 (June 2023) termination 31 Dec 2023

EEAS CSDP (Common Security and Defence Policy) -- in Niger
EUMPM "capacity building"

AFRICOM transnational --
"US America's Security in Africa," March 2022

DW | A German foreign policy miscalculation?, 8 Aug

...Now the Niger coup could possibly jeopardize the withdrawal of soldiers from Mali, which was supposed to be handled via the base at the airport in Niamey. "You can't just drive a truck through Mali or Burkina Faso. It's too dangerous," Laessing explained. "That's why it was planned that everything would go through Niger."

The Bundeswehr hopes that authorities in Niger will still cooperate and the withdrawal will be able to go ahead.

"To what extent this could affect the transport of personnel and materiel by the German MINUSMA mission contingent is not yet foreseeable," a[nonymous] Bundeswehr Operations Command spokesperson told DW. "Of course, that depends on how long the current situation lasts, how it goes on."...

* Mr. Lamine Zeine Ali MAHAMANE appointed Prime Minister, 8 Aug
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