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US, UK "public school" diaspora to World: More british than the British and Jamaicans. Combined.

trtworld | Nigeria's opposition urges president to reconsider intervention in Niger, 5 Aug

"The consequences will be casualties among the innocent citizens who go about their daily business," Suleiman Kawu Sumaila, spokesperson for the Northern Senators Forum, said just after the ECOWAS ultimatum. The northern regions have deep social and trade links with southern Niger, where local populations share many cultural, religious, and linguistic heritages.
species UPDATE: Ghosts in Africa (21.05.23)
...For the last decade, most reconstructions of African population history have been seeing ghosts. This got started as early as 2007, when Vincent Plagnol and Jeffrey Wall looked at West African and European population samples to consider how much of their genomes might have come from divergent ancestral groups....
Sumaila also warned of insecurity risks if Niger is destabilised as the Sahel region battles long-running militant insurgencies.

Those concerns were shared by the country's largest opposition grouping, which denounced the potential military operation in Niger as "absolutely thoughtless".

oilprice | Nigeria Blows Up Illicit Oil Vessels In Airstrike Operation (07.08.23)
"The Nigerian military have been overstretched over the years battling terrorism and all manners of insurgency that are still very active," the Coalition of United Political Parties said Saturday. Besides insurgency groups in the northeast, Nigeria's security forces are battling organised crime gangs in the centre and northwest, and separatist groups in the southeast.

archive ELECTION 2023 Nigeria, AU55 reality check, "massive EU investments announced", Guinea junta freezes state assets
The country has also plunged deeper into economic hardship with [Bola] Tinubu's decision to end fuel subsidies last May. His goal was to free up funds for investment, in agriculture and social programmes in particular. The immediate result, however, was a quadrupling of fuel prices for a country where nearly half the population is estimated to live in extreme poverty.

"Nigeria, in its current socioeconomic state, cannot afford such a costly intervention," the coalition argued.

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