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French embassy attack and demonstrations against French military base in Niger ... demands France exit from Niger.

Niger coup: Russia warns Ecowas not to take military action | BBC News |


On Friday coup supporters, some waving Russian flags, protested at a French military base near the capital NIamey, some chanting "down with France, down with Ecowas".

Both France and the US operate military bases in Niger and they have been used to launch operations against jihadist groups in the wider region.

Military officials from Ecowas countries are reportedly set to meet on Saturday to draft plans for a military intervention.

The bloc has said it remains open to finding a diplomatic solution to the crisis, but Nigeria's President Bola Tinubu said on Thursday that "No option is taken off the table, including the use of force as a last resort".

The US has not explicitly backed military action but has called on the junta to step aside and allow the restoration of the country's democratic constitution.

The Niger junta has not responded to the latest statements from Ecowas leaders.

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Niger's coup leader General Tchiani: The ex-UN peacekeeper who seized power

Some analysts have wondered whether the overthrow of Mr Mohamed Bazoum, who is from the minority Diffa Arab community, might open up ethnic tensions in Niger. However, a strong sense of cross-cultural cohesion and national identity has always been a distinctive strength of modern Niger.

A former Tuareg rebel and senior minister, Rhissa ag Boula, has now launched a "Council of Resistance" to restore Mr Bazoum to office, and is presenting this in firmly national terms. And so far there is no sign of the junta venturing down a divisive sectarian path.

Niger has suspended its plans to deport thousands of ethnic Arab nomads to Chad | Al Jazeera - 28 Oct. 2006 |

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