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Despatch From the Consulate General at Dakar to the Department of State | Nov. 30, 1956 |

Survey of the Changing Situation in French West Africa--Conclusions and Policy Recommendations

  1. Over the past twelve months, the political evolution of French West Africa which previously ambled along at a leisurely rate, has suddenly been precipitated and is now proceeding at a rate which is not merely rapid but which is constantly accelerating.

  2. ... The present African political leaders are probably prepared to settle for the relatively modest degree of local self-government which they are about to receive under the "loicadre". But these more mature leaders are beginning to be hard-pressed by a rising tide of younger African "évolués", mostly anti-French extremists strongly stamped with Marxism and/or Moslem Nationalism.

  3. Thus in Africa South of the Sahara, the Niger of nationalism and the Congo of anti-colonialism are steadily rising and will before long be flowing in full flood. So far, the tam-tams of open revolt are silent; but they are increasingly taut in the heat of flaming conflict further North. In a very few years--perhaps even in a mere matter of months--the rapid current of events is likely to bring about a new and potentially dangerous situation in French West Africa.

Confronting Dark Colonial Past In Congo

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