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Geographically, West Africa fits into South America and technically is part of the Western Hemisphere and thus application of the  Monroe Doctrine ... see ties with Liberia.

Remarks by National Security Advisor Ambassador John R. Bolton on the The Trump Administration's New Africa Strategy | Dec. 13, 2018 |

Heritage Foundation, Washington, D.C.

The White House is proud to finalize this strategy during the second year of President Trump's first term, about two years earlier than the prior administration's release of its Africa strategy.

We have prioritized developing this document because we understand that lasting stability, prosperity, independence, and security on the African continent are in the national security interest of the United States.

Under our new approach, every decision we make, every policy we pursue, and every dollar of aid we spend will further U.S. priorities in the region. In particular, the strategy addresses three core U.S. interests on the continent:

First, advancing U.S. trade and commercial ties with nations across the region to the benefit of both the United States and Africa.

We want our economic partners in the region to thrive, prosper, and control their own destinies. In America's economic dealings, we ask only for reciprocity, never for subservience.

Second, countering the threat from Radical Islamic Terrorism and violent conflict.
ISIS, al-Qaida, and their affiliates all operate and recruit on the African continent, plotting attacks against American citizens and targets. Any sound U.S. strategy toward Africa must address this serious threat in a comprehensive way.

And third, we will ensure that U.S. taxpayer dollars for aid are used efficiently and effectively.

The United States will no longer provide indiscriminate assistance across the entire continent, without focus or prioritization. And, we will no longer support unproductive, unsuccessful, and unaccountable U.N. peacekeeping missions.

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The return of the Monroe doctrine | The Economist - Sept. 17, 2020 |

Only a decade ago Latin America seemed to be making a mark in the world. Enriched by a commodity boom and with democracy contributing to social progress, many of the region's governments felt part of "the rise of the south" in a multipolar world. John Kerry, Barack Obama's secretary of state, said in 2013 that the United States saw its newly self-confident neighbours as equals. "The era of the Monroe doctrine is over," he declared, referring to an early American president's warning to European monarchies to keep out of the western hemisphere, which gradually evolved into the belief that the United States was the hegemon of the Americas.

Under President Donald Trump, the Monroe doctrine seems to be back. In 2019 John Bolton, then Mr Trump's national security adviser, proclaimed it to be "alive and well" in a speech in which he pledged to topple the dictatorships of Venezuela and Cuba. The United States has so far failed in that, but its neo-Monrovianism has now produced a victory. It will take over the presidency of the Inter-American Development Bank (idb), a big regional lender which, though based in Washington D.C., has been in Latin American hands since its founding in 1959. [US already has a 40% controlling vote and thus veto power] On September 12th a virtual meeting of the board of governors chose Mauricio Claver-Carone, the Trump administration's top official for Latin America, as the bank's president.

    And not just any American: A White House political appointee Mauricio Claver-Carone is a Cuban-American lawyer, an ally of Senator Marco Rubio, and former lobbyist who trafficked in highly partisan polemics. As an official at the National Security Council, Claver-Carone became known more for wielding punitive sanctions than for any deep expertise in development economics.

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Replaced by the Biden administration

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Our moral values ...

International abortion rule led to lapsed health aid in some African countries, report shows

President Trump issued a Presidential Memorandum that reinstated the "Mexico City Policy" for family-planning assistance awarded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). That Memorandum further directed the Secretary of State, in coordination with the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), to implement a plan to extend the Policy to "global health assistance furnished by all departments or agencies" to the extent allowable by law.

Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance (PLGHA)

Additional reading ...

Losing Our Religion review: Trump and the crisis of US Christianity | The Guardian - Aug. 13, 2023 |

Russell Moore, formerly of the Southern Baptist Convention, thinks evangelicals have come dangerous adrift of morality ... The Scandal Rocking the Evangelical World

The sudden departure of Russell Moore is forcing an overdue conversation about the crises of American Christendom.

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