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Yes, he would. That creature is an unscrupulous functionary of the US federal government, a bastion of European capitalist psychopathology up to its eyeballs in WEAPONS, and possibly a WASP to judge by his career trajectory, from Ivy quads to Clinton campaign "operative" then US national security advisor. Which is to say, obviously, he's not capable of independent thought or action; he was bred to serve the "wealth of nations" that he inherited.

"Wealth" is credit—unrealized income. Families are always rising or falling in America.

So much for choice between the good guys or the bad guys.

So much for investment in the West: For evidently find the West is incapable of realizing productive capital "hosted" by "resource-rich" preliterate people currency

China has a one hundred year planning ...
Which is, this week, a long march toward humiliation or total world domination?

Salman is bound by the year 2030 to achieve his goal
Is he? ibn told, Salman is a homicidal autocrat. His noble family, friends, and  some 35.94M of brutally oppressed subjects fear him. What kind of autocrat swimming in "black gold," royal assassins, and obsolete weapons exchanged for USD 3B is bound by time that even the nine heads of the world's democracies, INCLUDING philosophers, dismiss?

For Neom importance of finances, sponsoring, participation and tourism. Many hurdles either way. Betting on double security?

I understand your profound contempt for the house of Saud, in general, and MbS in particular. That is not to say, I agree to exaggerate the significance of this one demonstration project or trivialize the labor applied to realize technical requirements. I confidently can say, I've insufficient information to form an opinion whether or not the project will be fit for purpose, when the GHG apocalypse arrives, or how long ACWA Power creditors are willing to wait for their rewards. 2050? 2060?

Minimum investment in hydrogen fuel production, feasible market, "excess capacity," and return apparently have been leaped. Which is more than anyone can infer from this European Hydrogen Bank "security" business.

The pilot auction was announced last month on the back of a suite of EC policy interventions that include a new EU Green Deal Industrial Plan and Net-Zero Industry Act along with revisions to the EU's emission trading system (ETS) and the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM).
Also, I do know that US Treasury bonds are not the only pyraminds on the planet. Won't it be funny, when the NDB reveals that EHB MidCat "partners" pumped euro into the dread kingdom's trunk of "reserve" currencies?
by Cat on Wed Aug 9th, 2023 at 09:19:12 PM EST
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