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Making mischief abroad US and ITT corporations secret efforts to block the 1970 election of socialist president Allende in Chile | special senate sub-committee |

President Richard Nixon to CIA Director Richard Helms: 'Extreme Option: Overthrow Allende'

Washington, D.C., September 15, 2020 - On September 15, 1970, during a twenty-minute meeting in the Oval Office between 3:25 pm and 3:45 pm, President Richard Nixon ordered the CIA to foment a military coup in Chile. According to handwritten notes taken by CIA Director Richard Helms, Nixon issued explicit instructions to prevent the newly elected president of Chile, Salvador Allende, from being inaugurated in November--or to create conditions to overthrow him if he did assume the presidency. "1 in 10 chance, perhaps, but save Chile." "Not concerned [about] risks involved," Helms jotted in his notes as the President demanded regime change in the South American nation that had become the first in the world to freely elect a Socialist candidate. "Full time job--best men we have." "Make the economy scream."

Fifty years after it was written, Helm's cryptic memorandum of conversation with Nixon remains the only known record of a U.S. president ordering the covert overthrow of a democratically elected leader abroad. Since the document was first declassified in 1975 as part of a major Senate investigation into CIA covert operations in Chile and elsewhere, Helms's notes have become the iconic representation of U.S. intervention in Chile--and an enduring symbol of Washington's hegemonic arrogance toward smaller nations.

The role of ITT is now covered by global leading Big Tech from the Blue state of California and the Ivy League Universities for research in the Blue East.

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