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Saudi Arabia agrees on 'broad contours' of deal with U.S. to recognize Israel - WSJ report | i24 news |

Riyadh is seeking concessions from Israel that would help promote the creation of a Palestinian state, the report cites U.S. officials as saying

Shortly after the report surfaced, the Pentagon said the U.S. reaffirmed its commitment to a strong defense partnership with Saudi Arabia during a phone call between top Saudi and U.S. defense officials.

Negotiators are now reportedly discussing Riyadh's requests that the U.S. help them develop a civilian nuclear program and offer ironclad security guarantees. Saudi Arabia - which recently restored ties with Israel's arch-rival Iran - is also seeking significant concessions from Israel that would help promote the creation of a Palestinian state.

In return, the U.S. is pressing the kingdom to distance itself economically and militarily from China, WSJ noted.

  • Russia infiltrating in sub-Saharan Africa ...
  • BRICS Union a global threat to U.S. dollar in long term
  • Xi Jinping peace initiatives in Persian Guif region ... but not in Black Sea

Great opportunity for the Saudi Kingdom to stay in the financial strong capitalistic West 💵 💷 💰

Building a new port city Neom on the Red Sea ... need one trillion U.S. dollars. It is Prince Salman most significant and prestigious part of Vision 2030.

Another deal with Saudis, UAE and Qatar to finance Al Qaeda terror in North Africa to fight the Wagner mercenaries? History of Afghanistan-Libya-Syria. A second front as the Ukraine front is dying off ... subsiding into a multi-year stalemate.

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