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The U.N. is running out of steam, losing visibility, who knows nowadays who the U.N secretary-general is?" asked a former French official noting a "shift in the world's center of gravity" toward the east and the south.

By-passing the United Nations and avoiding the Security Council ... following the John Bolton doctrine

    In a recent interview with the London Daily Telegraph, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton described the U.N. as hope- lessly out of touch and stuck in a Twilight Zone-style "time warp" where "there are practices, attitudes and approaches that were aban- doned 30 years ago in much of the rest of the world."

Biden specifically advances bi-lateral agreements and military treaties beyond international organizations and Western alliances.

U.S. Foreign Policy bilateral agreements and military ties outside NATO Poland - Romania - Ukraine

U.S. Seeks to Build Network of Like-Minded Nations in Indo-Pacific | Sept. 29, 2022 |

'Sapere aude'

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fart in the general direction of UNSC resolutions, again, wade into Made in America mendacity heaped on calumny waving NEW! old rules-based order receipts (ROBR).

UK, France, and Germany refuse to lift sanctions on Iran under nuclear deal in Managing Decay

RU and CN to ROW: ROBRs are worthless!

Can barely commit 24 hours of publicity to "a values-based approach but without paternalism"

For example, earlier this year the Foreign Office's social media team used a leopard emoji in reference to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov's visit to South Africa. Many accused the German ministry of perpetuating stereotypes about the continent.

World Trade Organization (WTO) Director General Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has also drawn attention to the relational difficulties in recent weeks. According to German independent journalism start-up Table Media, at an ambassadors' conference she quoted an African diplomat as saying: "When we speak with China, we get an airport; when we speak with Germany, we get a lecture."

The measures that Germany announced at the summit show that this message has also been received by Berlin's decision-makers. In the renewable energy sector, for example, both sides could profit. [British] Kenya, with support from Germany, will in future be able to produce green hydrogen to make fertilizer and thereby contribute to food security in East Africa. One of the world's largest facilities for green hydrogen is due to be built in the Namibian [!] town of Lüderitz—with German involvement. Some of the hydrogen produced there would then be exported to Germany.

[..."Shifting Sands" Schulze: 'We need a solution from within the region' - VIDEO ...]

Breaking away from values-led foreign policy?

When the interests correspond, such as with climate protection, a partnership it almost guaranteed. However, how will the parties conduct themselves where the values of the German government and some African partners are not aligned, such as women's or LGBTQ rights? Does Germany's new humility mean breaking away from values-based foreign policy?

Implications for African countries of a carbon border adjustment mechanism in the EU, 75 pp EU-ETS value chain enlargement 2023
...Both the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) provisions on compulsory licensing and technology transfer could enable African countries to access EST ["environmentally sound technologies"].
WHERE are muh mf vaccines, GAVI?
However, it would be imperative for African countries to build a coalition with developing countries and LDCs to seek clarifications on the applicability of compulsory licensing to EST, and/or a review of the appropriateness of existing restrictions in compulsory licensing provisions as applied to EST. With regards to technology transfer of EST, African LDCs must adopt a proactive stance and identify the types of technologies that would be critical to enable a green transition, with a focus on technologies relevant to greening products covered by the CBAM. Focus on strengthening monitoring commitments would be another way to enhance implementation of TRIPS [!] flexibilities.
Earlier in the process of designing the CBAM, an exemption for least developed countries (LDCs) and vulnerable economies was considered by the EU.16 This was emphasised as crucial by analysts and stakeholders for protecting LDCs (and small island developing states, or SIDS), which were argued to pose little comparative risk of carbon leakage and so have little impact on the environmental benefits of the CBAM.17 That could have reduced the impact of the measure on the 33 African countries that are LDCs. However, by May 2022 the LDC exclusion had been dropped from the report of the EU Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety on the regulation establishing the CBAM. Instead, the European Parliament called for the EU to 'provide financial support [loans], at least equivalent in financial value to the revenues generated by the sale of CBAM certificates, to support least developed countries' efforts towards the decarbonisation of the manufacturing industries'.18 More recently, the EU statement to the 73rd UNCTAD Trade and Development Board, in February 2023, noted that the EU support 'could include technical and financial assistance to support climate mitigation and adaption in LDCs'.19 Concrete commitments to LDCs affected by the CBAM are yet to be made....
archive sorry not sorry ancient history, Humble potato 'must go to Africa', Wrong claim. Wrong venue. Wrong "race", European Holocaust
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Clash of Civilizations long overdue  ... oh no, it's NOT ⁉️

The European Union is "civilized" the Garden or considered Paradise, the Barbarians are trying to breach its borders from the Jungle ... a statement from the top diplomat of the EU ... roots in the regime of Francesco Franco ... historic brainwashed led to believe 200 years of exceptionalism of Portugal and Spaan ... key year 1492 the Inquisition by the Catholic Church. Spanish victory over the Moors and Jews.

The Wall: Make Europe Great Again | Feb. 10, 2023 |

Reply to interesting post by Cat ...

Three heads of the G7 "messaging system"

On the African continent and Western colonialism ...

World Trade Organization (WTO) Director General Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has also drawn attention to the relational difficulties in recent weeks. According to German independent journalism start-up Table Media, at an ambassadors' conference she quoted an African diplomat as saying: "When we speak with China, we get an airport; when we speak with Germany, we get a lecture [primacy Green FM Annalena Baerbock]."

'Sapere aude'
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S&P Global | EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism to raise $80B per year by 2040, 24 Feb 2023
The EU has agreed to implement a new Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) as a long-term alternative to the issuance of EU Emissions Trading System free allocations to covered EntITiEs. Europe's aim is to prompt its industries to decarbonize without being undercut by imports facing no carbon cost.

From 2026, EU importers of power, iron and steel, cement, fertilizer, aluminum, hydrogen, and some polymers will be required to surrender CBAM certificates (equivalent to the prevailing EU carbon price) to match emissions associated with their production. Discounts [?!] may be provided where carbon prices in host jurisdictions are already paid.
EU policymakers agree on final design of EU CBAM; monitoring report and verification of emissions to commence from Oct. 1, 2023

The EU has agreed on the design of a new Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) as a long-term replacement to EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) free allocations to industrial EntITiEs covered under that cap-and-trade program. Importers of energy-intensive materials or products [excluding "critical mineral"?] to the EU will need to surrender certificates to match emissions from their production. Producers from countries [?] where there is a carbon price will pay only the difference between the EU and their cost of carbon. Importers of power, iron and steel, cement, fertilizer, aluminum, hydrogen, some polymers, and a few sub-products of iron and steel will need to buy certificates to match their emissions. CBAM certificates will be required for < wipes tears > direct emissions and indirect emissions; however, clarity over how the latter will apply to selected products remains subject to further technical details to be provided by the European Commission.

inna consumer-free world
Refined products, such as petroleum products and LNG, were considered but were not covered within the initial scope of the CBAM. CBAM before the end of 2027, allowing for possible further sectoral scope expansion in the future.

The methodology of the EU CBAM will categorize products into "simple goods," meaning goods produced by materials and fuels that have zero embedded emissions, and "complex goods," meaning goods other than simple goods, where embedded emissions in materials and fuels used in production will also be covered by the CBAM. To calculate embedded emissions (within selected goods), the EU describes a specific embedded emissions methodology in the legislation, with the final details expected to be released following approval of the measure by the European Council and European Parliament in the coming months. To determine CO2 emissions from electricity, a CO2 emissions factor will be determined using CO2 emissions data from the electricity sector, divided by the gross electricity generation based on fossil fuels in the relevant geographic area. Where actual emissions cannot be adequately determined by the authorized CBAM declarant, default values shall be used, set at the average emission intensity of the exporting country increased by a "proportionately designed mark up."

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It's taken decades. EU policymakers have at last UNDERSTOOD the memo.

It is rightly acknowledged that people of faith have no monopoly of virtue - Queen Elizabeth II
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Can vacuums slow global warming? Administration bets $1.2 billion on it., 11 Aug
(complimentary head transplant with each purchase)
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