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Antisemitic and Islamophobic attacks are on the rise in Germany

Euronews Correspondent Monica Pinna investigates for Euronews Witness.

Germany is divided over the war in Gaza amid an increase in reports of hate crimes against German Jews and members of the Arab community. How are the authorities responding?

Antisemitic and Islamophobic attacks are on the rise in Germany, according to human rights groups and organisations tracking discriminatory attacks across the country.

Germany has one of the largest Palestinian communities in Europe; a country that still carries the weight of Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime and extermination of Jews in Europe.

According to RIAS, the 'Department for Research and Information on Antisemitism' in Germany, reports of antisemitic threats multiplied in the month following the Hamas attack on Israeli soil on 7 October.

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Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) is running Islamophobic ads starring women in bikinis | Vox News |

The AfD doubled down on misogyny and Islamophobia in a new national campaign.

The poster is also eerily reminiscent of Nazi-era propaganda encouraging German women to produce German children for the Fatherland, and celebrated (German) maternal domesticity.

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