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Israeli Navy carries out 'extensive' drills in preparation for potential war on Lebanon border | TOI - today |

Israel has warned it can no longer tolerate Hezbollah's presence along its border following the October 7 atrocities and has warned that should a diplomatic solution not be reached, it will turn to military action to push Hezbollah northward.

Foreign Minister Israel Katz warned Friday that Israel "will not be patient much longer for a diplomatic solution in the north." Katz shared a clip on social media from a Channel 12 report Thursday evening which said Israel sent an official warning to the UN Security Council that Iran is continuing to send arms to Hezbollah in breach of UN Resolution 1701, which ended the 2006 war between Israel and Lebanon.

"If the dramatic intelligence information we revealed before the Security Council doesn't lead to a change, we will not hesitate to act," tweeted Katz, after the report claimed Israel's letter to the UNSC details the types of weaponry Iran is supplying Hezbollah as well as via which routes and on what dates.

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