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Israel builds `militarized belt' across Gaza for long-term security control | The Cradle |

The Israeli army is rushing to complete a fortified east-west corridor south of Gaza City to split the strip in two, blocking displaced Palestinians from reaching northern Gaza and cementing Tel Aviv's military occupation ahead of the planned ground invasion of Rafah in the south.

Israeli defense officials who spoke with the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) say the road bisecting Gaza - called the "Netzarim Corridor" - is part of Tel Aviv's "plans to maintain security control over the enclave for some time."

The invading troops have razed and demolished numerous houses and buildings to make way for a one-kilometer buffer zone north and south of the corridor, including the Turkish Hospital, the Al-Aqsa University campus, and the entire villages of Mughraqa and Juhor al-Dik in the eastern Gaza Strip.

The corridor will also run through the former grounds of the Netzarim Settlement, which was evacuated in 2005 as part of former prime minister Ariel Sharon's disengagement from Gaza.

Sou 'n mens die algehele duur van die Joodse koninkryke as onafhanklik beskou, het die Jode vir 'n totaal van net 414 jaar regeer | Suid-Afrika - Apartheid |

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