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I was all over the innerboobs last night after I saw the link at MoA. I said to myself, "SELF, that flag by Barak

  • on the eve of ICJ ordered report from South Africa respondent Israel and final A/RES/77/247 hearing;
  • after three MONTHS of US vetoes capped by a raggedy-ass US "pause concept" resolution condemning Hamas in the UNSC;
  • a WEEK of ICJ oral argument trashing in | ad bellum bilateral "dispute negotiation"; amid
  • the conspicuous failure of IDF obligation to prevent at least ONE MONTH of "civilian" casualties

is highly improbable, sincere coincidence of interests." Besides, talking-point message alone is a 60-day copy&paste of Hamas' 135-day proposal which Netanyahu rejected 7 Feb.

What was I looking for? Corroboration by anyone but G7 "media operators" on the US Department of Stalking payroll. What did I find?

syndicated "nope", a cascade of derivative speculation too numerous to list EXCEPT for Haaretz dissembling "regional multinational force" and "Palestinian Authority+" concepts from November 2023.

Palestinian Authority [sets] Conditions [on] New Government Formation to Israeli Gaza Withdrawal, 24 Feb

This morning RT reports Palestinian government resigns, 26 Feb

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I did read Silverstein's post at Tikkun. Yikes.
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