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'No Longer Complicit in Genocide': World Pays Tribute to Aaron Bushnell, Called The 'American Bouazizi' | Morocco News |

For many Arabs, Bushnell's tragic act evoked memories of the catalyst of the 2011 Arab Spring - the self-immolation of Tunisian street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi after his cart was confiscated by authorities.

Bouazizi's despairing protest stirred public anger against the Tunisian regime and sparked a revolutionary wave that swept across the region.

"American Bouazizi has died," wrote one user on social media platform X, while another asked if it was "time for an American - European spring?". Bushnell was hailed as "America's Bouazizi" and an "American martyr" by Arab netizens and commentators.

Anti-war organizations also declared Bushnell's tragedy an "act of martyrdom" and his self-sacrifice a reflection of shifting attitudes in America against Israel's violence. Brian Becker of the American ANSWER Coalition called it an "indicator of the profound change in consciousness in the United States."

Another American activist group, Palestinian Youth Movement, said Bushnell sent a global message that "people of conscience everywhere will refuse complicity in the unfolding genocide against the Palestinian people until our last breath."

Vigils were held for Bushnell across the United States, including on Monday outside the Israeli embassy in Washington D.C. where he staged his protest. Attending the gathering was 88-year-old artist, activist and Holocaust survivor Marione Ingram.

"I urge you, Mr. President, I urge you Congress, start defunding Israel. Start making peace. It is time we stop killing children," implored Ingram, according to Democracy Now. "Mr. Biden, you should stop supporting the genocide in Gaza." She carried a sign reading "Survivor says peace not wars in our name."

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