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Looks like the NI center is shifting toward unification, and it's small wonder.  They must be thinking, "The UK keeps electing gobshite governments, the unionists are controlled by the DUPes and TUVs who are permanently entrenched in the days of the Witchfinder General, and the only program these Jackeens have is codifying TULIP Reform theology as the law of the land and making a dog's breakfast of the government.  Just how much would we lose?"  And there are people saying, "Yeah, but Varadkar," but come on.  Is he actually worse than Sunak and Truss and de Piffle and May, who have actually managed to make Cameron and Brown look positively statesmanlike, in much the same way Trump has made Bush look statesmanlike?  And is Varadkar any worse a neolib/neocon than Blair?  We've now dug down over a quarter-century in the No. 10 bed pan, an entire generation.  Then we get to Major and then the meteor strike that was Maggoty Trencher before we even get to Sunny Jim.  The UK has not had a pretty parade of governments.  And it doesn't seem to be queuing any up either.
by rifek on Sat Mar 23rd, 2024 at 05:51:18 PM EST

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