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John Walton Spring post @TikunOlam

April 11, 2024 at 10:09 AM

As a geopolitical analyst educated as a geographer, I have a different perspective with less awareness of the actual politics and policies in Israel. However, what I have learned from the Israelis living in Israel rather than from the Zionist Jews in America has caused me to realize that we in America, since after World War during the 1940s, have been conditioned with propaganda, even on children's radio programs or show, supporting the European Jewish people who were arriving in Palestine while vilifying the Arabs. What I learned recently from an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi is entirely different. Those Jews who were survivors of the Nazi death camps in eastern Europe and fled to Palestine received help from the Palestinians until the Jewish Zionists arrived and took their land. Today in Israel, Orthodox Jews are being persecuted and killed by Israeli Zionists almost in the same way Palestinians are being treated and killed by Jewish "settlers" on the West Bank.

Here in America, there is a Jewish woman anchor on a major TV network who, instead of reporting news in an objective as well as a professional way, has been supporting Netanyahu's massive genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza.
As for Biden, when my research revealed that most high-ranking U.S. officials are Jewish after the Massacre on October 7, 2023, I became concerned because they appeared to be kowtowing to Netanyahu. If my analysis is correct, this could be the reason why the Biden-Harris administration took so long before finally threatening to stop all further arms shipments to Israel if Netanyahu were to continue to halt all humanitarian aid to Gaza now when Iran may strike at Israel not only with Hezbollah, but possibly even with Iranian armed forces deployed in Syria, Iraq, and Iran.

Meanwhile, there is no ceasefire despite the withdrawal of most IDF military personnel from Gaza. There will probably never be any hope for the Israeli hostages ever being released alive or so many Palestinian children who do "survive" or continue to exist to become healthy adults with their injuries and wounds caused by the IDF and a death or lack of adequate nutrition due to the misanthropic policies of Netanyahu and his supporters in Israel as well as here in America.

Because Israelis have told me Israel is not a democracy due to the Israelis living under martial law, they are not conditioned to think about individual freedom as we once thought in America.

Due to Netanyahu being a demagogue as well as a friend of Orban and Putin, it is possible Hamas terrorists were trained by Spetsnaz forces in Russia and Israeli border guards along the frontier at Gaza were ordered to abandoned their posts while the entire sophisticated alarm security system was deliberately turned off so the Israelis were never warned during the attack when about 1,200 people in southern Israel were killed and so many taken as hostages. There are still questions related to the credibility related to the alleged beheaded and burned babies that were earlier reported.

Because America supported the atrocities committed by the IDF with military materiel and ordnance, we must correct our moral compass if it even still exists. Unfortunately, instead of the U.S. continuing to provide military support to Ukraine, it decided to provide support for the IDF atrocities that resulted in a massive genocide of mainly children and women.

Will Washington continue with its financial support for Israel while believing the myth they are providing "intelligence" for us while exchanging it with Moscow and Beijing. Israel's Marxist government has deceived Evangelical Christians for so many decades. Although I have been a strong supporter of the Jewish people as well as all Israelis, for me to support Netanyahu and his gang of terror would not be helping in the long run.

It seems as if few people recall when Netanyahu sent many "suitcases of cash" to Hamas leaders in Gaza. Now he is still trying to remove all the Palestinians from Gaza with deaths of so many IDF soldiers. How is it going to be possible for the children in Gaza to become friends with those in Israel? Unfortunately, so few are able to look into such a dismal future without any winners.

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Mon Apr 15th, 2024 at 10:01:19 PM EST

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