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Comment on a David Aaronovitch column by Frank Schnittger | Times Online - 2 June 2007 |

'Zionist lobby' paranoia is growing (Jewish Chronicle) | by David Aaronovitch |


He obviously didn't know this, but two weeks earlier I had participated in a televised debate at the Oxford Union on the motion that the pro-Israeli lobby had stifled debate on the Middle East in the West. This event, like all the Doha debate series, was put together by an organisation sponsored by the Qatari authorities which is attempting to spread free discussion in the Arab world, and was attended by a range of people, not -- as is usual for the Oxford Union -- just students.

On my side, opposing the a>motion, was Martin Indyk former US ambassador to Israel. I didn't know him and was worried lest I found myself debating alongside a raving Likudnik, but he was no such thing. On the other side were the journalist Andrew Cockburn and the American academic Norman Finkelstein.

Dr Finkelstein, who blames his lack of academic preferment on the activities of the Israeli lobby in the US, was probably the most intense man I have ever encountered. His website bears testimony to the volume of abuse that he suffers from various people -- often Jewish -- who loathe him for his writings about what he sees as the Zionist exploitation of the Holocaust. I noted his genuine suffering while wondering what he expected when he decided so uncompromisingly to tell people what they least wanted to hear.

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