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'That sounds like ethnic cleansing': CNN questions lead figure in Israel's settler movement | CNN Report - Clarissa Ward |

Funding from very rich Jews in the VS, center in Florida.

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An ugly Zionist truth ... no place for Palestine!

Zionist Dream of Land from the River to the Sea - No Palestinians Will Be There

AFSI has circulated its own "2 state solution" plan based on the 1922 partition of Palestine, rejecting the idea of a third Palestinian state. AFSI calls for stateless Arabs to be relocated out of Israel at international expense, with those remaining to be "declared citizens of Jordan with the appropriate legal steps taken so that they remain within Israel and loyal to Israel (sic) law."


Funds obtained from Irving Moskowitz's Bingo: $585,036 between 1987 and 2001.

Countering Islamophobia One Tweet at a Time | 3 Nov 2023 |

The American Muslim defense organization, CAIR, published a new account of Islamophobia in America, Islamophobia in the Mainstream.

 It reports that wealthy US foundations gave $105-million between 2017-2019 to hate groups with an Islamophobic agenda.  

It examined the 50 largest US foundations and focussed on 35 which gave the funds to 26 organizations.  Among the foundations were ones founded by noted far-right fixtures: the late gambling magnate, Sheldon Adelson, Irving Moskowitz, who earned his wealth through a Southern California bingo empire, and Bernie Marcus, founder of Home Depot. The Jewish Communal Fund and Jewish federations in Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco also donated large sums to these groups via donor-advised funds.

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AFSI Americans for a Safe Israel

We are an educational organization created to support an undivided Israel.

AFSI was founded in 1970 as an American counterpart to the Land of Israel Movement, asserting Israel's historic, religious, and legal rights to the land re-claimed in the 1967 war. AFSI has argued consistently that a strong, territorially defensible Israel is essential to U.S. and global security interests in the region, and that the "two-state solution," would endanger the world, while bringing the dissolution of Israel.

We are a national organization with chapters throughout the country and members throughout the world. All are dedicated to the premise that a strong Israel is essential to Western interests in the Middle East, and that the Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria and the Golan are the best guarantee against strategic vulnerability, as were the Gush Katif communities.

AFSI supports a policy of "peace for peace" between the Arab states and Israel, and rejects "peace for territory."

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