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thecradle.co | Israel prepares Rafah evacuation with US, Arab assistance: WSJ, 23 Apr
The Israeli army is closing in on completing its plans for an assault on the Gaza Strip's southern city of Rafah, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on 23 April.
Israel Moves Closer to Rafah Invasion as Iran Crisis Wanes
Israel is preparing to move civilians from Rafah to nearby Khan Younis and other areas, where it plans to set up shelters with tents, food-distribution centers and medical facilities such as field hospitals, according to Egyptian officials briefed on the Israeli plans. That evacuation operation would last two to three weeks and be done in coordination with the U.S., Egypt and other Arab countries such as the United Arab Emirates, the Egyptian officials said. They said Israel plans to move troops into Rafah gradually, targeting areas where Israel believes Hamas leaders and fighters are hiding.
WSJ cites Egyptian officials as saying that Israel's plan to evacuate civilians from the city will take two to three weeks and will be carried out in cooperation with Washington, Cairo, and other Arab states, including the UAE. The attack on Rafah will have a "very tight operational plan because it's very complex there," an Israeli security official told the outlet. "There's a humanitarian response that's happening at the same time."
Egypt has been briefed on the details of the plan. Al-Araby Al-Jadeed reported [18 Apr] are "at full readiness" in northern Sinai and along the Egyptian border with Gaza. The increased readiness came after "contacts from the Israeli side" relating to preparations for the operation in the southern city.
thecradle.co | Majority of Israelis mistrust Gaza resettlement plans, 24 Apr poll smoke
A new poll from the Israel Democracy Institute [idl.org] found that just a fifth of Israelis, 19 percent, believe that Israel should establish Jewish settlements in a conquered Gaza Strip when the current war ends, Haaretz reported on 22 April.
idl.or, "War in Gaza Public Opinion Survey (15)", 14-17 Apr 2024 methodology
n=514 "representative national sample of the entire adult population [?] of Israel aged 18 and older"

cbs.gov.il, "Population and Housing Census 2022", December
"The sample size is 7% of the population, about 692,000 persons representing all segments of the population."

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When asked what should be done now that most of Israel's forces have left Gaza, 33 percent of Israelis said control of the besieged enclave should be transferred to an international force, 24 percent said that a small number of Israeli troops should continue to occupy Gaza to maintain military control, and 13 percent said that it should be handed over to the Palestinian Authority (PA).
Among Arab Israelis, 46 percent said that the PA should control the Strip, 25 percent want an international force stationed there, and 7.5 percent prefer an Israeli military presence. The remaining 20.5 percent said they didn't know, and just 1 percent supported resettling Gaza.
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