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Israeli Disengagement from Gaza | C-Span Video |

Mr. Zogby talked about what the withdrawal of Israeli settlers from Gaza means for the peace process. He discussed how Arabs in that area will have to resurrect the local economy in an area with the highest population density on Earth. Mr. Zogby responded to audience telephone calls, faxes, and electronic mail.

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Breaking :: Sharon Wins Likud Vote!!! - Israelis at Gaza Border - Hamas Voice | By Oui @BooMan - 25 Sept. 2005 |

TEL AVIV (Reuters) -- Likud's Central Committee convened in Tel Aviv before a vote on a motion by Sharon's rightist challenger, Benjamin Netanyahu, to bring the party's primary forward to November.

In what could be a defining moment in Israeli politics, Sharon stormed out of the meeting after his microphone was cut off as he twice attempted to begin a speech to the rowdy forum. Aides accused his opponents of sabotaging the sound system.

Sharon's critics, led by Netanyahu, have said the Gaza pullout after five years of Palestinian violence will only bring more cross-border attacks on Israel from militants dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish state.

Sharon, who wants the party primary held closer to national parliamentary elections due by late next year, has said "radical extremists" have taken control of the Likud, which he helped to found three decades ago.

He has declined to say whether he would remain in the party if the 3,000-member Central Committee vote goes against him, raising speculation he may bolt and form a new centrist alliance that would tap into mainstream support for the Gaza pullout.

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Israel's Ya'alon advocates use of Sunni proxies to fight ISIS and Iran | Dec 8, 2015 |

Not the United States but Israel clearly sees the difference between the line Turkey/Qatar of the Muslim Brotherhood (support of Hamas) and the Gulf States as the Sunni alliance to fight western proxy wars in the greater Middle East.

Of course we all recall just 13 years ago, Israel's PM Ariel Sharon urged president George Bush to fight a proxy war in Iraq for Israel's interest. Bush/Cheney complied and got nothing in return from Sharon/Olmert to support a Palestinian State by 2006.

PM Sharon was incapacitated by brain trauma and faulty medical treatment. The removal of settlements from  Gaza was the first step to also end the occupation of the West Bank except for the large settlements along the Green Line.

If the Jewish State of Israel had accepted the extended hand of peace from its Arab neighbours in 2002, 10/7 terror strike and break-down of security never would have happened.

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