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'Significant' Chinese response to US tariffs possible: Janet Yellen, 13 May 14 minutes transitory stump speech "interest cost"
"President Biden believes that anything we do should be targeted to our concerns and not broad-based, and hopefully we will not see a significant Chinese response. But that's always a possibility," Yellen told Bloomberg TV in an interview on Monday.
scmp | German carmakers want to compete with China but it must be a 'fair fight': envoy Patricia Flor de-coupled strategic autonomy "de-risking"
SCMP: China and the European Union share different perspectives on overcapacity and have had heated exchanges on the issue. What is your take? Do you see any middle ground? What would you want to see China do to address its partners' concerns?
FLOR:The European Union and Germany have been asking for a level playing field for our companies, banks and other institutions in China for quite some time, because this is the underlying issue for overcapacity.
scmp | Chinese companies pull out of solar projects after EU launches subsidy probe, 13 May: photovoltaic in Romania, electric trains in Bulgaria
SCMP: The European Union has taken a hardline approach against China by launching several investigations into Chinese new energy products. Meanwhile, Germany and China promised to cooperate on clean energy, such as developing automated driving, and Berlin said it will scale back restrictions for China's investment. Is there any inconsistency? If the EU is getting tough on China, then where is the room for Germany to cooperate with China?
FLOR: If the EU gets tough on China, it is also because Germany and all member states of the European Union decide to empower the EU Commission to launch investigations and take measures to protect the European single market whenever they find evidence that something is wrong, such as dumping, subsidies, or unfair support measures. The European Commission then decides on its own authority.
EU International Procurement Instrument (IPI) summary | full text
The European single market is an open market. It works under market conditions. It is totally transparent, and everybody can look up all of the regulations, but this is not equally true all over the world....
Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin's Regular Press Conference on May 13, 2024
Ukrinform News Agency: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the Special Representative of the Chinese government Li Hui carried out the third round of shuttle diplomacy on the issue of Russian war against Ukraine. Could you share more details about the results of this round?
Wang Wenbin: From May 3 to 9, Special Representative of the Chinese Government on Eurasian Affairs Li Hui carried out the third round of shuttle diplomacy on the political settlement of the Ukraine crisis. He visited Türkiye, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Before and after the visit, Special Representative Li Hui had discussions with officials from countries such as Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa, and Kazakhstan....
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